The SAMI Project


This initiative introduces skills, attitudes and mindsets to individuals in order to support them to be able to cope with the everyday problems that all people face during their lifetime. This can be done in a variety of ways depending on the age of the children/adults concerned in order to meet their particular needs.


Children’s Proiect

This is a way to help children develop necessary skills, attitudes and mindset to be able to cope with everyday issues that we all have to cope with during our daily lives. This can be done by introducing particular skills, attitudes and mindsets into a school curriculum at an early age. The themes introduced will then be built upon as the children gets older and discussed in more detail as the children become teenagers and young people and are therefore able to understand more about the values of life.


Adult’s Project

In this project we introduce new/different skills, attitudes and mindset to adults in a meaningful way to them as individuals to help them cope with everyday issues. This can also help people cope with specific issues that they may have in their life and to then help them to move their life on in a more positive way of their choosing.


Since September 2018 we are piloting this Programme with Kielo International School, Helsinki, Finland.

Message from Kalevi Kurronen – Prinicpal Kielo School.

“As principal of Kielo School in Helsinki, Finland I have students and staff from 14 countries. Although the Finnish educational system is great, it is built for the Finnish society. In order to meet the needs of my global students and their families we have partnered with Valley Training & Consultancy Ltd since 2018. The positive impact was immediate. The training for my staff and myself has been given on location and online regularly. My students and their parents have a great connection with the Valley Training Team. We have grown into a large family. That is exactly what my students need, especially those with learning difficulties. The level f attention and care from Valley Training is beyond any other student welfare programme I have seen in Finland or globally.”


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