The Difference Between Good and Bad Customer Service

The Difference Between Good and Bad Customer Service


It is amazing what experiences we have with different Companies.


Lately I have had contact with two very different Companies. One would be described as a Professional Company but the other may not.


The Professional Company is unable to return phone calls, pass on messages or new information. They discuss private information in a public area and when people phone they get put through to someone else’s answer machine. Knowing I am unhappy with the situation they ignore my concerns and get on  with other issues to avoid facing up to the difficulties.


The other Company treats all their customers with dignity and respect. They are very polite and nothing is too much trouble for them. They ensure that customers are happy and receive what they order. All types of people use their service and all are treated the same ensuring a good quality of customer care/service. Any concerns from individuals are always dealt with immediately and again with dignity and respect.


Customer care/service is vitally important to all Companies in order to continue to reach their business objectives.


The above examples show that just because some Companies are considered professional this does not mean they are customer friendly. They make basic mistakes in how they treat their customers whereas the other Company showed that a quality service can still be given when staff are trained appropriately and they show dignity and respect to the people they come in contact with.

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