Staff Development

Welcome to our staff development training section, here you’ll find our courses which are aimed at improving and developing your staff skills.


Introduction to Management

This training is designed to introduce individuals to the many facets of management in order to develop their skills for a management role.

This course includes:

What is management?

Management styles

Conflict management and assertiveness




Time Management

We’ll look at how people manage their time and develop good practice together improving productivity.

This course covers:

What is management?

Different methods

Why we need to look at time management?

Time management system

Time management tips

Skills required for effective time management

Managing meetings


People Management

We’ll work with your staff to help them develop their skills and to work as part of a team.



Supervision & Appraisal

In this training we look at various models and if required we will help you develop your own.

This course covers:

What is supervision?

Why is supervision necessary?

Positive and negative experiences of supervision

Effective supervision

What is appraisal?

Why are appraisals necessary?

Positive and negative experiences of appraisals

Effective appraisals

Company policy


Customer Care

Our customer care training looks at both how you deal and interact with your customers on a daily regular basis and also how to deal with complaints in order to complete the customer experience.

This course covers:

What is customer care/service?

Treat people with respect and dignity

Telephone manner

Understand the customer journey

Professional image and perception

Effective communication

Problem solving

Interpersonal skills


Other courses we cover are:

People Management

Stress Management

Goal setting


Any course you require which are not listed above then please contact and we will be happy to discuss with you.



During our assertiveness training we help you and your staff develops appropriate communication skills in order to negotiate positive outcomes.



Goal Setting

Our goal setting course helps develop goal setting skills to enable individuals to achieve their goals in a structured way.