Career Development

Our Career Development courses are aimed to assist people who have either been out of work long term or they can also be utilised for people who are in a position where they need to change careers due to redundancy or other reasons.

Again like all our training we are able to create custom courses that fit the needs of the individual company / person that we’re dealing with, but as standard these are the courses which we have readily available:



For many unemployed having the motivation to get back into work can be difficult and likewise for someone who has just been made redundant they usually don’t feel best motivated when it comes to getting back on the employment path. Our motivation training helps regain their motivation and provides them with tools that can help them stay motivated on their route back to employment.


Self Esteem & Confidence Building

One of the biggest issues many of those who have been long term unemployed or recently made redundant can experience is a lack of self esteem and confidence and if they lack these 2 things then they’re going to struggle to find themselves relevant employment. This course is all about helping them regain their self esteem and confidence so they can move forward in a positive manner finding employment.


CV Writing

This course is designed to help individuals develop their CV writing skills and identify what needs to go into a CV so that they can confidently apply for jobs and increase their likelihood of making it through to the next stage either to give employment to develop their career further.

Any course you require which are not listed above then please contact and we will be happy to discuss with you.

Interview Skills

The interview skills course is created to help prepare individuals for a successful positive outcome from the interview process. We cover what skills are needed in an interview and how to be able to give the information their potential employers are looking for.