Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for people with a disability

We offer consultancy to all Companies particularly in relation to Equality, Diversity & inclusion and helping with Companies Training Departments.

With regards to Equality, diversity & inclusion we help Companies identify their situation with regards to this issue. We also work with Companies who are particularly interested in focusing their position with regards to people with a disability. We consider how they can help people with a disability socially as well as looking at the employment of people with a disability.

Our consultancy packages are a great way for businesses to identify what improvements if any can be done within their organisations and have a plan created that helps the organisations implement the suggested improvements.

Whether your company is looking to be more inclusive in your recruitment and hire people with a disability or whether your business is looking to improve the service you provide to your customers/consumers who are disabled our consulting packages enable us to look at your organisation as a whole and help identify exactly how you can reach your goals to be more inclusive whether in house or the consumer experience.

Training Department

In relation to helping Companies with their Training Department we help with identifying of training and development needs of their staff and the Company as a whole. We also support Companies to set up and develop their training departments, in some instances the Company will outsource their Training Department to us and we then continue to run it for them.

Company Induction

We can also devise and develop your Induction Training for you or we can arrange to co- ordinate with yourselves to facilitate your induction. This is an important part of the introduction of new staff to your Company so it needs to be of good quality.

Any topics you require which are not listed above then please contact and we will be happy to discuss with you


We work closely with you and your organisation to ensure that you get the results desired, our consultancy packages are tailored to the individual organisation and so if you’d like to discover more about our consultancy services and how they could benefit your organisation then please click here to contact us.