Is Training Needs Analyst (TNA) Beneficial?

What is a TNA?
Do you really need a TNA?
Is there any benefit to doing a TNA?

A Training Needs Analyst (TNA) in a nutshell is a function undertaken by an employer to identify the training needs of their staff. This can be done by identifying the knowledge and skills required to perform a role compared with the knowledge and skills the staff have who are required to perform the role. The gap in knowledge and skills required will help identify the training needs of staff in their roles.

All Companies need to have a system of identifying training needs in order to work effectively. If a Company has no system of identifying training needs then they are likely to waste money and time organising training that is not needed and missing training that is needed. A TNA can help to identify training needs so that Companies can focus on the training needed for the right individuals therefore saving time and money.

This in turn contributes to a more settled workforce who feels they are valued and leads on to improved productivity. This also contributes to the reduction of staff turnover and therefore reduced recruitment costs.

The benefits mentioned above all contribute to the Company achieving its goals and objectives and strengthening the Company to move forward and continue to move forward in years to come.

Why is Training essential?

It is annoying how so many Companies still put training low on their list of priorities when they look at work to be completed.   Training is such an important issue to all individuals and Companies in order for them to continue to develop, keep up with the cutting edge of things and move forward… Continue Reading